About us

Shideh Hanassab, Ph.D.

Shideh Hanassab has worked in the field of international education for over 25 years, serving as counselor, educator, researcher, and director.  Shideh previously was the Director of the UCLA Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars working with over 12,000 international students, researchers, and professors  from  more than 110 countries.  She has conducted numerous research projects in the field of International Education and has many  publications.  She was among the first to systematically assess the experiences of international students and scholars in the U.S.  As a former international student, scholar and immigrant herself, Shideh is passionate about the field and has been an advocate for international community over the years.  She has received her MA and Ph.D. in educational psychology from the UCLA Graduate School of Education. 


To read more about Dr. Hanassab's professional experience visit her LinkedIn page.


Natasha Janfaza, Content Creator

Natasha is a musician, visual artist, and activist who aims to raise awareness about immigrants’ and refugees’ basic human rights and their contributions to American society. 

Migrants are important contributors to the American society.  America is the land of immigrants.  International Educators does research on migrants' journey to learn about their experiences living in the U.S.  We collect migrants' stories. We serve as advocates for immigrants and non-immigrants living in the U.S. and policies that strengthen opportunities for migrants.